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Russell Klyford is a pen name. The actual person behind Russell Klyford is a veteran governance expert, humanist, egalitarian and avid sci-fi reader who is inspired by the political commentary of George Orwell, the visionary genius of Ursula Le Guin, and the environmental passion of David Attenborough.

Writing in the sub-genres of political science fiction, hopepunk and utopian fiction, he has an optimistic outlook for our species, crafting stories as a means to comment on society, economics, politics, and international relations.

His pseudonym - Russell Klyford - allows him to separate his writing career from his professional career, giving him the freedom to explore sensitive and potentially controversial topics without the worry of screwing up his day job, which is in a fairly conservative and hidebound industry (construction – say no more).

He currently lives with his wife in Canberra, Australia surrounded by his small native-plant garden and enjoys stand-up comedy, bushwalking and chocolate piccolo lattes (AKA piccolo mochas).

EMERGENT MARS is his first novel, and due to the overwhelming positive response he has received for it, is busy working on a follow-up book.

Rest assured he is a real human being ... although if he/it was an AI, that's exactly what he/it would claim ... nah, just kidding!